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Losing unwanted weight doesn’t have to involve prolonged gym workouts or counterproductive fad diets. In fact, most people find that without sustained lifestyle changes, weight loss during periods of extreme dieting or exercise will be regained once an activity is stopped.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to invest in lifestyle adjustments. By changing just a few important patterns in your diet and exercise routine, you can actually lose weight without much effort. Here are some tips to help you lose those extra pounds fast:

  1. Walk 30 minutes every day. Walking not only reduces stress but is also more effective at promoting fat loss than jogging for 30 minutes. Here’s why: Running helps you burn calories and tone your leg muscles quickly because of the repetitive flexibility and tension of your leg muscles. However, because running raises your heart rate to aerobic levels, your heart rate also drops rapidly after activity stops.

Walking, however, increases your fat-burning heart rate. Any activity performed at a fat-burning rate will have a more lasting impact. So, even though you can flex and stretch fewer muscles during a 30-minute walk, your heart rate will still increase for longer.

  1. Cut the halves. Whether you’re eating a cheeseburger or a plate of fries, divide the plate in half. If you’re tempted to snack on more than half of it, give it to a friend or take it home (if you’re eating out). Halving your meals will not only significantly reduce your calorie and fat intake but will also help your body get used to smaller portions of food.
  2. Rest all night. Many people find, and most doctors know, that getting a good night’s sleep not only gives you energy for a new day but also helps your body metabolize food much more efficiently. When your body is at rest during sleep, it actually works much harder to process energy than if you were sitting on the couch watching TV. Plus, if you do get some rest, you’re more likely to tackle a project with more zest and energy the next day (which will help you burn more calories).
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. Fluids hydrate your cells and help them push harmful toxins through your body more efficiently. Drinking plenty of fluids, such as water, juices, and even tea will help your cells function properly without too much effort.

If you drink tea and coffee, be aware that they contain caffeine, which can boost your metabolism while it’s in your system, but tends to slow your body down once it’s gone. Caffeinated drinks should always be taken with an additional glass of water to ensure you are not depleting the fluids your body needs.

To ensure your lifestyle changes last, practice with friends and loved ones. Adapting to any change can be easier if you have friends who can share the journey with you and help each other stay on the right track.

  1. Stop talking about weight loss!

All this talk about how much you want to lose weight is not going to make you lose weight. You have to act now. So follow this simple advice: Stop moving your mouth and start moving your body! It didn’t take long to start seeing results.

  1. Slow and steady is best

Slow, steady weight loss is better (and safer) than going on a roller coaster diet. If you are looking for long-lasting weight loss results, try to lose an average of about two pounds per week. To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn. As a bonus, when you combine diet with exercise, you reduce your calorie intake and increase your calorie burn rate at the same time.

  1. Save your money

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on the latest weight loss gadgets. Pills, fad diets, hypnosis, and extreme surgeries are not the answer! These devices won’t make you lose weight, but they will fatten the bank accounts of the people who promote them! Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, good fats, and lean protein will promote faster weight loss than any miracle cure you can buy.

  1. Weight loss is a way of life

Unfortunately, weight is a problem that most people will struggle with their whole life. Excessively processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle are two major contributors to this ongoing struggle. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to change the way you think about food. It should be seen as a source of fuel, not passion. Successful weight loss really requires lifestyle changes, including making the right food choices, and then sticking with those choices for life.

  1. Weight loss is more than just a number

When you’re on a diet, don’t fall victim to the dreaded scale. When numbers go down, happiness goes up. But when the numbers stay the same or grow, it’s easy to give up and give up. Remember that even if your weight doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, your body does. You will take better care of your heart. You will lower your cholesterol levels. You will have a slimmer body and your clothes will start to feel more comfortable. As you learn to find joy in this other benefit, you’ll want to stay a loser!